Heavy Duty Concrete T Nailer 5/8 - 2 1/2 Inch

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Brand: Air Locker

This T-Nailer is excellent for wood to concrete/steel applications. A lightweight die-cast housing maximizes productivity by reducing operator fatigue. The CN64A3 also features an adjustable exhaust, quick release nose for easy jam clearing, and safety to prevent accidental firing. Applications include furring strips, plywood to concrete nailing, wire lath installation, steel banding, decking, fencing, sub flooring, and more -- Features: Shoots 14 gauge T-nails from 5/8 inch to 2-1/2 inch long | Hardened driver | Convenient side-load magazine | Rubber hand grip for added comfort | Heavy-duty light weight aluminum body | Adjustable exhaust | Soft grip handle reduces fatigue | Touch-strike security system is safe for the operator | Available with either sequential and contact fire trigger | Quick-release nosepiece for fast clearing of jams | Rubber can protect the surface of the gun when the gun fall -- Includes: Concrete T-Nailer | Cardboard box -- Applications: Wood to concrete and masonry furring | Plywood to concrete nailing | Light gauge steel drywall track to concrete | Wire lath to masonry | Steel banding to wood | Wood to light gauge steel (up to 3/16 inch) | Decking | Fencing | Sub flooring | General construction

    • Magazine Capacity: 100 | Operating Pressure: 60-100 PSI
    • Air Inlet: 1/4 inch
    • Fastener Size: 14 Gauges - 0.087 inch Diameter
    • Fastener Type: T-Nails (both hardened and galvanized)
    • Fastener Length: 5/8 inch - 2-1/2 inch Long Nails
    • CN64A3 5/8 Inch to 2-1/2 Inch Heavy Duty Concrete T Nailer

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