AXE Round Replaceable Bit, Full Size Carbide Turning Tool

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Brand: Carter

This AXE Round Replaceable Bit, Full Size Carbide Turning Tool is proudly Made in the USA. It is ergonomically shaped to provide hours of comfortable turning and a 1/2" flat has been machined onto the tool bar to provide a secure purchase on the tool rest. It also features a 16" solid Maple handle and a 5/8" round, 303 stainless steel tool bar. This design is perfect for inside work on bowls, coves and spindle work.No longer will you need to worry about sharpening your turning tools. With 360° of razor-sharp cutting edges available, simply loosen the set screw and rotate the cutter to a new edge when one becomes dull. Additionally the design of the cutters does not require you to “find the bevel” like traditional turning tools. Place the tool onto the rest flat and parallel to the ground, advance the tool slowly into the workpiece, and begin cutting. Tools can cut from left to right, or right to left.

  • Made in the USA
  • Solid 16" solid Maple handle
  • Two large flats incorporated into the handle provide positive registration in the hand
  • Tool is equipped with a 5/8" round 303 stainless steel tool bar
  • No more sharpening; simply rotate the cutter once dulled