Headless Micro Pins 10000 Count

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Brand: Cadex

For over 18 years, Cadex has been dedicated to engineering and selling the highest quality pneumatic tools. A dedication to design, commitment to quality, and attention to detail have placed Cadex as a leader in the pneumatic market. A belief in building the highest quality tool that is engineered to work with you has driven Cadex to seamlessly integrate form and function, creating durable tools that not only work well, but look great too. Add to this several intuitive features that make every application easier and you have the essence and commitment of what Cadex is.

  • 21 Gauge Headless Pins
  • 40mm 1-9/16-inch
  • Galvanized Pins
  • 10,000 Fasteners Per Box
  • 21-40-10M 21 Gauge 1-9/16" (40MM) 
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