E.C. Emmerich Jointer Plane - 101S

E.C. Emmerich

Made in Germany by fifth-generation toolmaker E.C. Emmerich (ECE). This double iron plane has E.C.E.'s patented wedge adjustment for blade depth. The body is hard Beechwood and the sole is hard durable Hornbeam wood; they are bonded together using ECE's patented glue joint. The plane is much lighter than iron jointer planes—under 7 1/2 lbs.—making it easier to control and use. The No.101-S is 24" (600mm) long—well suited to jointing work on long boards, like tables, and for making perfectly flat surfaces. The blade iron is substantial, measuring 2 3/8" (60mm) wide, bedded at 45 degrees, and made of German vanadium-chomium steel hardened to RC62. ECE planes are ready to use out of the box. A slight additional honing of the blade will improve performance. This tool comes directly from the manufacturer and carries the full manufacturer's lifetime warranty. 

Patented ECE wedge adjustment for blade control. Hornbeam wood sole with Beechwood body. Vanadium-Chromium steel blade 2-3/8 inch bedded at a 45 degree angle Made in Germany