Incra IG32 Incra Gauge


Quickly And Accurately Mark Out Reference Lines On Any Work piece. This Marking Gauge Can Be Used In Place Of A Ruler Or Adjustable Square. Precision Cast Saw Tooth Rack Locks The Gauge In At Exact 1/32" Steps. Made Of High-Impact Plastic.

This precision marking and measuring gauge is one of those gadgets that you absolutely can't get along without once you have used it the first time. Featuring INCRA's Patented Sawtooth Positioning Racks, it can be instantly set to any position without measuring. Its many uses include a precision measuring and marking gauge, a freestanding depth-of-cut gauge, a fence alignment gauge and a center finder. Positioning range is 7".

  • Quickly and accurately mark out reference lines on any work piece
  • This Marking Gauge can be used in place of a ruler or adjustable square
  • Precision cast saw tooth rack locks the gauge in at exact 1/32" steps
  • Precision marking and measuring gauge
  • Freestanding depth-of-cut gauge
  • Fence alignment gauge
  • Center finder