iVAC PRO 240-Volt Remote Control For Dust Collectors

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Brand: iVAC

Automate your dust collector with the iVAC Pro Dust Collector Remote Switch! Choose the Remote Switch that matches your dust collector’s voltage, and enjoy the convenience of a remote control unit to turn your dust controller on and off with the press of a button. iVAC allows you to grow into a complete iVAC Pro system, including Tool Sensors and Blast Gates, and it’s capable of reliably driving 240V dust collectors up to 2HP repeatedly ON/OFF over and again – now that’s real power!Fully certified and approved with TUV safety approval and conforms to UL-CSA standardsHeavy-duty design for 20A operation of dust collectors up to 2 HP at 240ViVAC Pro Switch built for repeated use with high quality mechanical relay componentsUses high quality digital wireless system with 40' rangePackage contents: 240V iVAC Pro Switch and iVAC Pro Remote

  • Package contents: 240V iVAC Pro Switch and iVAC Pro Remote