iVAC Pro Switch, 240Vac, 20A

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Brand: iVAC

Consisting of 2 main components, a Switch Box and a Tool Box, the iVac Pro is a wireless controller system that turns your dust collection system On or Off whenever you turn your shop tools On or Off. Now your dust collection system will only run when your tools are on. There are no are remotes to carry around, mis-lay, or lose! To create your system, first select the Switch Box that matches the voltage/amperage of your dust collection system. Then select Tool Boxes that have same voltage/amperage as the tools to which they will be attached. A single Pro Switch Box will accomodate up to 8 Pro Tool Boxes. Shops with more machines will need to get additional Switch and Tool Boxes as appropriate. Switches are programmable for different frequencies to allow up to 4 different systems to operate independently within the same range. The range for radio communications between the Tool Box and the Switch Box is forty feet, line of sight. System is configured so that 2 or more machines may run simultaneously without interference (ex. shutting off machine #1 will not shut off machine #2 if it is still running). Switches can also be set for various lengths of time before the dust collector shuts dow to allow for dust clearance. There are four models of both Tool and Switch Boxes in order to accommodate the different power requirements of power tools, dust collectors, and your shop wiring system. Units come as either 115v or 240V for 15 or 20 amp circuit breakers. The iVAC Pro Tool unit is connected to the AC mains supply by means of its power cord and then to a workshop tool through its AC receptacle.

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