M-55-10M 21 Gauge Slight Headed (55MM) Brad Nails 10000 Count

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Brand: Cadex

21 gauge brads are a new addition to the fine finishing market place, and fill the gap between the 23 gauge fine wire pins and an 18 gauge brad. They offer significantly more holding power than the straight pin, but the head is still a fraction the size of an 18 gauge brad. This is ideal in situations where greater holding power is required than is provided by the straight pins, but still require the minimal marking in the wood being fastened.

  • Significantly more holding power than straight pins, but a fraction the size of an 18 gauge head
  • Well made product from Cadex, manufactuer of high grade finish nailers
  • Galvanized for rust prevention
  • 21 gauge brads will only work in tools specifically designed to accept them
  • 2-3/16" (55MM) fasteners will ONLY work in tools rated for this length (eg. Cadex V2/21.55)
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