Robert Sorby 840GH-1/2 1/2" High Performance Spindle Gouge Titanium Nitride Coated 18-1/4" Overall

Robert Sorby

Years ago, most turning tools came without handles, leaving turners to fashion their own to their specific needs. This made perfect sense as who better suited to make a wood handle than a wood turner. Turners were able to make handles that better fit their hands, were designed for the task at hand and that used whatever wood was readily available. Robert Sorby offers the majority of their tools in unhandled versions to allow turners the flexibility to turn their own custom handles. These High Speed Steel (HSS) tools are the exact same as the ones in their handled tools. These HSS tools are easily sharpened and will keep a sharpened edge about six times longer than carbon steel and resist "blued" softening from overheating during grinding or from heavy use. This blade is also compatible with the Robert Sorby Sovereign System Modular handles. Solid brass Robert Sorby ferrules are available separately.

  • Robert Sorby 1/2 inch Excelsior spindle gouge, HSS, Titanium coated, Unhandled, Sovereign Compatible, Usable length 6-1/2 inches
  • Robert Sorby offers the many of their tools in unhandled versions allowing turners the flexibility to fashion their own custom wood handles
  • This High Speed Steel (HSS) blade is the exact same as the one offered in the Sorby handled tools
  • This tool is Titanium Nitride coated for increased performance and resistance to edge wear. The cutting edge on these tools will outlast Sorby HSS by a minimum of three fold. Spend less time sharpening and more time turning.
  • This blade is compatible with the Sorby Sovereign System Modular handles.