Scissors Sharpener Tormek SVX-150. The Scissors Sharpening Jig For Tormek Sharpening Systems. Gives All of Your Scissors an Even, Sharp Edge.

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Brand: Tormek

One of the great perks of having a Tormek sharpening system is sharpening scissors. This is because every home has several pairs. And this scissor sharpening jig makes it simple to give scissors and shears a perfectly honed edge. The scissors mount in the holder, which is designed to follow the individual convex shape of the scissors, giving it a true edge. There are two clamps, which allow almost any size scissor to be sharpened (usually only one clamp is needed, but for larger shears, the second clamp comes in very handy.) Everything locks down tight, yet moves with ease, making this an easy jig to work. As a bonus, the shape makes it ideal for sharpening portable electric hand planer blades as well, making this a very versatile jig for your workshop. Another important aspect is this is part of the complete Tormek water-cooled sharpening system that will make your entire shop’s worth of tools finely honed, while taking less metal off the tools and bits, increasing longevity. Your tools will love it, and you’ll love your sharp tools.

Tormek SVX-150 Scissors Jig sharpens scissors and shears. The scissors is mounted in a holder, which supports freely on a support plate so you can follow the individual convex shape of the scissors. It is also used for portable electric hand planer blades. The jig for scissors sharpening is comprised of a support plate and a holder with two clamps for the scissors. Usually you use only the right clamp, however, for large scissors and garden shears you use both clamps. You adjust the clamp to fit the scissors’ thickness with the screw, and lock the scissors by tightening the knob. The support plate has a sliding surface, so the holder with the scissors can easily be moved while it is pressed onto the plate.

  • Sharpens Scissors and Shears
  • The Individual Convex Shape of the Scissors can be Followed
  • Can Also be used for Portable Electric Hand Planer Blades
  • The Jig has Two Clamps, but Usually Only the Right Clamp is Needed
  • Use Both Clamps for Large Scissors and Garden Shears