Sjöbergs Scandi Plus 1425 with SM03 Storage Cabinet


Sjobergs of Sweden has been manufacturing top quality workbenches for over 90 years. Their entire product line of workbenches is designed to meet the needs of a modern day woodworker and to take advantage of the latest manufacturing techniques. The range of features is truly amazing and cannot be matched by any other manufacturer. The new series of Scandi Plus Workbenches and Accessories could only come from a world leader in workbenches. Overall size of this Scandi Plus is 35-1/2" high x 57" long x 23" wide, and it includes four bench dogs.

  • Includes SM03 Storage Cabinet
  • Advanced Swedish design; 100% European Beech
  • Double row of round 3/4" bench dogs working from both vises
  • Includes 4 bench dogs w/ side springs that remain at the height required or drop flush in the dog ho
  • Overall size is 35-1/2" high x 57" long x 23" wide