Sorby Sovereign Deluxe Spiralling & Texturing Tool Boxed Set


This Sorby Sovereign Deluxe Spiralling & Texturing Set is an absolute must for decorative woodturning. Featuring the full-sized and modular micro systems, this set of tools with varied cutters will deliver a multitude of decorative shapes and patterns on both large and small projects. Sovereign enthusiasts will already be aware of the flexibility of the system’s handles, but those new to Sovereign will find this interchangeable system allows for quick and easy changes from blade to blade. Sorby has provided an economical and imaginative addition to this theme with the introduction of the 4" handle extension. Using this handy addition, the turner can quickly and easily extend the 12" handle into the popular 16" version. This versatility allows for comfortable closeup work while providing the resourceful extension for larger projects that may call for greater control. Set contains one each of the following: 330S Unhandled Spiralling System, 350/0 Texturing Cutter, 350/2 Cutter at 2mm pitch, 350/04 Cutter at 4mm pitch, 350/06 Cutter at 6mm pitch, 370/0 Unhandled Modular Micro Spiralling Tool, 370/01 Fine Spiral Cutter, 370/02 Medium Spiral Cutter, 370/03 Texturing Cutter, Sovereign 12" Handle with Softex grip, Sovereign 4" extension with Softex grip, SOV-C13 suitable for 1/2" shanks, DS 600 Diamond Honing Stone 1" x 3" (25mm x 75mm) x 1.5mm-thick in 600 grit, SOV-TC Sovereign Threaded Coupler, RSDVDDT Focus on Decorative Techniques Parts 1 and 2 with Robert Sorby DVD featuring woodturning wizard Nick Agar.