Tormek SVD-186 Turning Tool Sharpener Gouge and Turning Cutter Jig That Makes Repeatable, Precise Sharpening Easy


Sharpening gouges, turning cutters, lathe turning tools, and similar has always presented a challenge. But no more with this turning tool sharpening jig. It's ideal for sharpening your gouges and similar to a finely-honed edge. The best part is the versatility - you can achieve the perfect shape, and make it repeatable, so you can have a consistent degree. Fingernail shaped sharpening was never so intuitive. The design of this jig allows for blades of up to 1-3/8 inch wide, and enables you to sharpen them while removing as little metal as possible. The result is sharp, precise tools that are not only a joy to work with, but will last longer as well. Included with the jig is a shaft for turning cutters, along with a special recipe label and pen that let you note settings for your tools (so you can get the same results next time.) It fits all Tormek sharpening system, and can be made to fit others as well.

  • Made for Fingernail Shaped Turning Gouges
  • Quickly produce a repeatable razor edge
  • Can be Used for Various Lengths on the Side Bevel
  • Can also be used for Bent Carving Gouges and V-Tools
  • Maximum Width of Blade is 1-3/8 Inch