Angle Setter for Sharpening System Tormek WM-200 Angle Master. Sets the Perfect Angle for Sharpening Blades. Works on Tormek Sharpening Systems.


For precise sharpening, setting the proper angle is crucial. Tormek makes it easy with this ingenious angle setter. We designed it for the Tormek sharpening systems, but the woodworking community out there let us know it works with other sharpening systems as well (Grizzly, Jet, etc.) It sets the angle in relation to your stone, so even if the stone is worn, the proper angle will be set. You can even use it to measure the existing angle of your blade, so there are no mistakes. In terms of numbers, you can use this on any stone diameter from 250 mm (approx. 10 inches) down to 150 mm (approx. 6 inches). The angles achievable measure from 10-to-75 degrees, so almost any conceivable blade angle can be cut. The tool also features magnets to keep it in place during use, and for easy storage.

Tormek WM-200 AngleMaster sets and measures the edge angle. It's adjustable to any stone diameter from 250 mm or 10-inches down to 150 mm or 6-inches. It's angles measures from 10-to-75 degrees, and features magnets to keep it in place. This patented AngleMaster has two functions: You can use it to set the jig to the grindstone so that it grinds your tool to any desired edge angle from 10-to-75 degrees, and you can use it to measure an existing edge angle on a tool. It is designed to work on any grindstone diameter from 250 mm (10-inches) down to 150 mm (6-inches). You achieve an exact setting irrespective of the degree of stone wear. The AngleMaster has two magnets for convenient fixing onto the housing of the machine.
  • Sets and Measures the Edge Angle
  • Adjustable to any Stone Diameter from 250mm to 150mm
  • Edge Angles can be set between 10-to-75 Degrees
  • Exact Setting is Achieved Irrespective of the Degree of Stone Wear
  • Features two magnets for storage