BESSEY GK60 24" GearKlamp, 4-Pack


BESSEY GK60 24" GearKlamp 4-Pack: Work BIG in tight spaces with BESSEY'S new GearKlamp!  Thanks to the GearKlamp's patented mechanism that separates the clamp handle from the spindle, you gain greater clearance to provide secure, reliable clamping in cramped spaces or up against another object.  The Gear Klamp operates via a quick-release shift button that allows you to set your desired clamping position quickly and easily.  Once the clamp is in place, the fine-tuning is achieved by turning the handle, which transfers the clamping force to the spindle via the gear mechanism built into the sliding bar.  The GearKlamp's durable construction makes it ideal for everyday use.  Its rail is made from a tempered cold-drawn steel, while the clamping jaws are made from a sturdy fiberglass-reinforced  plastic.  The gear train mechanism is fully enclosed to protect it from dust and debris, and the  clamp pad can be removed to reveal a grooved section to make clamping of odd-shaped objects easier.  BESSEY's GearKlamp features a 450lb. clamping force and a 2-1/2" throat depth.  It comes in four clamping capacities:  6", 12", 18" and 24".
  • Four (4) BESSEY GK60 24" GearKlamp bar clamps
  • Clamp handle is separated from the spindle, leaving more clamping clearance for those tight spaces.
  • Clamp is easily positioned via a quick-release shift button. Final tightening is achieved by turning the clamp handle, which transfers the clamping force to the spindle via the gear train.
  • Features durable cold-drawn steel rail construction and fiberglass-reinforced plastic jaws that enclose the gear train to protect it from dust and debris.
  • Comes in 4 clamping capacities (6", 12", 18" and 24"), all of which feature a 2-1/2" throat and a 450lb clamp capacity.