Blackstone Silicone Grindstone Tormek SB-250. The Silicone Blackstone Sharpener That’s Specifically Made for High-Speed and Exotic Alloy Steels. Fits Tormek Sharpening Systems T-7 and SuperGrind 2000.


Many owners of the T-7 and Supergrind 2000 want to shape and sharpen exotic alloyed tools, which is exactly what this Tormek Blackstone Silicon grinding wheel was developed for. For high speed steel, large bevel surfaces (where grinding pressure is limited), and even touching up Tungsten Carbide, you can do no better than the combination of abrasive hardness, shape and grain size we’ve developed for this sharpening wheel. The small, sharp grains remove hard steel efficiently, even (as stated previously) at low grinding pressure. The 220-grit size will be familiar to anyone who’s used the original grindstone that came with their tool, but this can be altered to work like a 1,000-grit stone (using Tormek Stone Grader SP-650). It’s built to last, with the Blackstone Silicone offering exceptional durability. Please note: this is for your exotics and specialized sharpening. It does not offer faster steel removal on ordinary carbon steel. For that, you can utilize your original wheel. But for the specialized sharpening, this the one you want. Keep your cutting tools and drill bits sharp using the SB-250 Blackstone Silicon grindstone from Tormek. This stone is designed to be used in Tormek's T-7 and SuperGrind 2000 sharpening systems, and its small, sharp grains are great for sharpening high speed steel and other exotic alloyed steels. The SB-250 has a grit size of 220 and measures 250 millimeters in diameter. Designed to Remove Hard Steel Quickly Thanks to its sharp and relatively small grains, the SB-250 Blackstone Silicon grindstone removes hard steel quickly and efficiently, even at low grinding pressure. This is especially an advantage when you're shaping tools with a large bevel surface, such as planer blades and woodturning skews. Note that the stone does not offer faster steel removal on ordinary carbon steel. Optimized for Tormek Sharpening Systems The SB-250 is designed to be used in Tormek's T-7 and SuperGrind 2000 sharpening systems, and its combination of abrasive hardness, shape, and grain size is well suited for these systems' low RPM. Product Information The SB-250 Blackstone Silicon grindstone measures 250 millimeters in diameter and has a grit size of 220. It is exceptionally resistant to wear. About Tormek Tormek is committed to providing the best solutions for the sharpening of all types of edge tools. Well grounded in Swedish traditions for advanced innovation, functionality, and quality, Tormek has developed a unique sharpening system that has come to set the standard in modern edge tool sharpening. Since 1973, problem-solving through innovation has been a strong driving force for Tormek. This has resulted in 13 patents and the widest product range on the market. It includes 16 unique jigs and attachments, each one specially designed to easily achieve optimal sharpness on all kinds of edge tools. Today, Tormek exports to more than 30 countries worldwide. The products are appreciated by cabinet makers, carpenters, woodcarvers, and wood turners as well as serious chefs in restaurants, industrial kitchens, and households. The Tormek sharpening system is also widely used in professional sharpening businesses. All of Tormek's product development, engineering work, and production are done in Sweden. The company is located in Lindesberg, a small town in the heart of Bergslagen, an area known for its history in mining. The production is carried out in close cooperation with selected suppliers, all specialized and the best in their fields. This ensures the highest quality and a continuous access to the best and most modern manufacturing technology. What's in the Box One SB-250 Blackstone Silicon grindstone.