Tormek Drill Bit Sharpener (DBS-22)


Most of the twist drill bits you and I come across are sharpened in a manner that produces a chisel edge with the relief behind the edge falling away from it in an arc. Manufactures employ this method because it’s cheap and quick to produce but it’s also notoriously inaccurate and bits dull relatively fast. They’re fine if you just need a hole but some of us want more and Tormek has produced a jig that makes it relatively cheap to get it. The Tormek DBS-22 accurately produces 4 facet edges on twist drill bits. Why is that important? Think of it in terms of your drill bit now having two sets of edges, each with a primary and secondary bevel meeting exactly in the center. Bits sharpened in this manner dill accurately sized, straight holes and stay sharp longer. The DBS-22 will handle bits from 1/8” to 7/8” and will fit all Tormek models.

  • 4-facet point brings the point to a chisel edge that will not walk and bores round, straight holes with close tolerances
  • The always equal two cutting edges are sharpened symmetrically and work in perfect unison which prolongs the life of the drill
  • Sharpens all point angles between 90 and 150 degrees
  • The optimal clearance angle can be set according to each drilling requirement to 7, 9, 11, or 14 degrees
  • One drill holder sharpens drill bits from 1/8-Inch (3mm) to 7/8-Inch (22 mm)