Festool 577084 Dust Extractor, White


If you're looking for power and capacity without compromising portability, then the re-designed Festool CT 36 E was made for you. Features - Smooth Hose - This most recent version also includes a re-designed suction hose. This smooth hose is both tapered and flexible - with a smooth exterior for easy sliding over surfaces and a longer service life. On the interior, its conical geometry improves suction by reducing friction and increasing airflow, resulting in better suction and faster progress with your work. The new CLEANTEC tool connection sleeve ensures a secure fit on the tool. - Re-Designed Hose Connectors - With a bayonet fitting for secure connection of the suction hose to the tool and, if needed, to connect two suction hoses to each other to produce one long hose. - SYS-DOCK. Cable Winder, & Hose Garage - Use the T-LOC's to attach your SYSTAINER, SORTIANER, or SYS-Tool Box to the new SYS-Dock in an instant (accepts Systainer3's, T-LOC and Classic Systainers). This strong, secure coupling transforms your dust extractor into a mobile workstation, with all your working materials at your fingertips so you can get started right away without wasting time unwinding the cable thanks to the new folding mechanism. - Stronger Hose Garage - The hose garage has been reinforced and strengthened for better durability. - Bluetooth Remote Capabilities - The combination of the Bluetooth Module on your CT Dust Extractor and the Remote Control (module & remote sold separately) on the suction hose saves you from having to go over to the dust extractor. Simply start the dust extractor from the hose using the remote control. This is ideal for occasional cleanup jobs. Additionally, when used with the Bluetooth Battery Packs (sold separately in 4.0, 5.2 & 6.2 Ah versions), the Bluetooth module will start the dust extractor when you switch your cordless tool on. You can now benefit from Festool's perfectly designed dust-free system when you're working with Festool cordless products. In addition, this unit comes standard with HEPA filtration and self-cleaning filter bags in addition to all of the standard features included with all of Festool dust extractors. The CT 36 offers a great combination of power, capacity, price and portability. It is great for the shop, especially when used in conjunction with the optional CT boom arm to create a workstation that keeps cords and hoses out of the way of your work. While not as compact as the CT MINI, MIDI or 26, the CT 36 maintains a high degree of mobility, while delivering the next to highest capacity in the Festool line-up. With relatively compact dimensions, this dust extractor is small enough to be stored under a bench. At around 30 pounds, it is still light enough to be taken on the road, or carried up the stairs. The CT 36 is equipped with Festool's standard tool-triggered dust extraction, anti-static design, adjustable power/ suction settings, locking brake and Systainer storage. Customize your CT 36 with accessories like a handle, industrial cleaning sets, and larger hoses for the ultimate shop solution. With capacity to handle your workshop needs, and excellent mobility, the CT 36 will help you work faster, easier, and smarter regardless of your environment. Germany