Knife Sharpener / Scissor Sharpener / Axe Sharpener Tormek HTK706 - The Hand Tool Sharpening Kit for Tormek Sharpening Systems. Sharpens Your Knives, Hatchets, Cutting Tools, and More

Yellowhammer Tool Works

Do you have tools around your shop that need sharpening? Then this hand tool sharpening kit is exactly what you need. It contains six jigs for sharpening knives of all kinds, sharpening scissors, sharpening axes, and much more (things like short chisels and carving tools are just a few of the tools you can sharpen.) You can now sharpen knives of different shapes for whittling, chip carving and detail work. Even folding pocket knives can be sharpened with perfect control. The Knife Jig is for most knives with a width of 45mm (1-3/4") and a minimum blade length of 60mm (2-3/8"). It’s also for carvers draw knives. The Long Knife Jig is for longer / flexible knives, minimum blade length 160mm (6-3/8"). The Scissors Jig works for scissors and shears of virtually any size, and is also suitable for portable electric hand planer blades. We’re not done… the Short Tool Jig is for straight shanked carving gouges and V-tools down to 45mm (1-3/4") length, short wood chisels, and tools for power carvers. The Axe Jig works for carving and carpenters axes. The Small knife holder is for any knife that is too small for other knife jigs. Yea, the entire package is incredibly versatile. Another important aspect is this is part of the complete Tormek water-cooled sharpening system that will make your entire shop’s worth of tools finely honed, while taking less metal off the tools and bits, increasing longevity. Your tools will love it, and you’ll love your sharp tools.
  • Contains all the Jigs needed for Sharpening Knives, Scissors and Carving Tools
  • Packed in a Tray which can be Used as a Storage Center
  • Tray can be Screwed to the Wall
  • Contains a Knife Jig, Long Knife Jig and Small Knife Holder
  • Scissors and an Axe Jig are Included