Pica-Dry Longlife Automatic Pencil With Pica-Dry 10 Pack Refill (Multi-Color, Water Soluble) 30402


An excellent marking tool for the workshop and job site, the Pica-Dry is a sturdy mechanical pencil that accepts 2.8mm leads. It has a sharpening blade built into the cap and a convenient holster with a toothed clip that grips a belt firmly, making it easy to withdraw the pencil one-handed. The tough, oversized plastic housing is easy to grip, even when wearing work gloves. The pencil comes with a black 2B lead that makes a dark, easily visible mark on lumber or on smooth, hard surfaces such as tile. The pencil also comes with a 10 pack of Multi Color Water Soluble leads. For better contrast on dark surfaces colored 2B leads are available; black, yellow and red leads are water soluble and can be erased with a damp cloth, and water resistant leads come in blue, green and white. H-hardness black leads, which yield a finer line, are also available separately. Made in Germany.
  • Includes a 10 pack of Multi-Color Water Soluble Leads
  • For marking holes from 6mm
  • Marks and writes on all materials and surfaces
  • Automatic lead support