RIKON 2"x72" Knife Belt Sander/Buffer


  • Machine takes the most popular 2” x 72” belts or adjusts for using special 2” x 76” belts.
  • Belt arm adjusts 180 degrees, from a forward horizontal position, to 90 degrees upward, to laying backwards horizontally. This allows full user access to working on the drive wheel, with the tool rest and platen, or free shaping on the belt.
  • 5-1/2” x 2” flat tool rest adjusts to most any angle for positioning workpieces accurately to the belt.
  • Includes template for accurate drilling of holes for mounting the machine on workbenches or stands. Hardware is not included.
  • 8” long 1” diameter spindle will take optional sanding flap wheels, pneumatic sleeves, or buffing wheels for added shaping and finishing of projects.