Sjobergs Elite 1500 Workbench plus Cabinet Combo


Constructed of European beech, the top thickness is 3-11/32" in the center (4-5/16" skirt), and it comes treated with a premium quality enriching oil. The specially developed vises provide an enormous clamping power across 23-1/2". You will be amazed by the clamping speed, accuracy and smoothness.To accommodate both right- and left-handed users, in less than two minutes the front vise can be fitted on either side, with a double row of 1" round dogs you can work from both vises. With its huge range of accessories, a Sjöbergs Elite Workbench will be the perfect foundation for your workshop.

  • Table surface is 35-1/2" off the floor
  • Top is 54" long and 23-5/8" wide
  • Vises open 5-3/4"
  • Storage cabinet also available
  • Assembled weight is 229 lbs.; with optional cabinet 286 lbs.