Sjobergs Hobby SJO-33281 Hobby Plus 1340 Birch Workbench, a Vice That Fits Any Budget


There’s no denying that Sjobergs builds great workbenches. And customers have asked us for a lower-priced model that would satisfy hobbyists who like working with wood and making various projects. For these applications, we proudly present the Hobby Plus 1340, which incorporates many of the features that make our professional grade workbenches so popular. You get two strong vices, a myriad of clamping options with dog holes and included dog pegs, and that legendary Sjobergs quality. Priced affordably for any budget, the Hobby Plus 1340 workbench is perfect for hobbies and simpler jobs. Complete your craft room or garage today!

The Sjobergs hobby plus 1340 workbench birch top is the ideal bench for simpler jobs. Equipped with dual vises. The perfect workplace when you need two free hands.

  • A HIGH QUALITY WORKBENCH AT A GREAT PRICE – If you want Sjobergs quality for your home or hobby woodworking projects, this hobby workbench is exactly what you need.
  • THE PERFECT SIZE – Great for your garage, hobby room, or basement. Measures 57.87” long, 20” wide, with a work height of 32.28”.
  • TWO VICES AND BENCH DOGS FOR CONVENIENT BRACING – The two vices open to 4”, and the front vice can be reversed for left handers. The included bench dogs and dog holes make for easy bracing of almost anything.
  • SOLID BIRCH BENCH TOP – The 1 1/8” thick top is built from solid birch, making this a worthy addition to the Sjobergs family of high quality workbenches.
  • PLENTY OF OPTIONS – No matter what your hobby or needs, there are a bevy of attachments and accessories that will turn this into a true hobby station.