Swivel Base for Tormek Sharpener RB180. This Handy Rotational Base Fits the T-7, T-4, T-3, and Super Grind 1200 and 2000 Sharpening Systems


When you make a sharpening system like our Tormek systems, the possibility for accessories grows as you use it. In short, when sharpening, we’ve often said “wouldn’t it be neat if we could have…”? This exact thought led to this extremely useful and clever rotating base. Since certain tools are best sharpened with the stone running towards the edge of the tool, and others should have the stone running away from the tool edge, a rotational base makes a lot of sense. This base rotates your sharpener 180 degrees, which allows you to obtain the ideal sharpening angle and direction, and firmly locks into position, while the rubber feet ensure a firm foothold. You can also go from sharpening to honing in a second. We designed this base to be as thin as possible – this way, it does not affect your working height. It fits the Tormek T-7, T-4, T-3, 2000 and 1200 series sharpeners. It’s also ideal for any application that calls for the creative use of a 14x14 swivel base (you MacGyver’s out there know who you are!)