Tormek DC-200 Diamond Wheel Coarse 360 grit - for Fast Steel Removal When Shaping and a Rapid Repair of a Dull or Damaged Edge - Fits T-4,T-4 Bushcraft, and T-3 Models


Tormek Diamond Wheels DC-200 Diamond Wheel Coarse The DC-200 Diamond Wheel Coarse is designed to provide effective sharpening and rapid repair of a dull or damaged edge. The diamond wheel has a grit size of 360 for fast steel removal and is particularly useful for tool shaping. DF-200 Diamond Wheel Fine The DF-200 Diamond Wheel Fine is the ultimate all-round grinding wheel, combining efficient steel removal with a smooth grinding surface. The wheel has a grit size of 600, providing effective sharpening and a smooth surface finish. DE-200 Diamond Wheel Extra Fine The DE-200 Diamond Wheel Extra Fine is the diamond wheel that provides an extra smooth finish and is especially suited to carving tools and knives with minimal steel removal needs. The grit size is 1200. Tormek Diamond Wheels The Tormek Diamond wheels have been developed specifically for our Water Cooled Sharpening System. Thanks to the low speed of our machines, they are ideal for use with diamond wheels because no heat is generated. The Tormek Diamond Wheels have exceptional durability, a consistent sharpening ability and always retain the full size diameter. Users who frequently sharpen the same tool will benefit from this feature as it simplifies both the setting and sharpening. The Tormek Diamond Wheels come in three different grades; Coarse, Fine and Extra Fine. Thanks to the constant diameter of the wheel, it offers the ability to sharpen on the side as well as the periphery. Side sharpening is perfect for small carving tools such as carving gouges and V-tools plus plane irons, wood chisels and knives. The result is a bevel edge with a completely flat surface, instead of a hollow grind. Why the Tormek T-4 Original? The Tormek T-4 Original takes the precision and stability to a completely new level. Vital components like the motor and the main shaft are mounted in the zinc cast top, which also includes integrated sleeves for the Universal Support. This advanced design ensures an unbeatable precision for the Universal Support, which control all jigs and accessories. When pairing this machine with the Diamond Wheels, you will be able to sharpen your tools with many options. You can sharpen using the outside of the Diamond Wheel to sharpen tools that require it. Using the Diamond Wheel Coarse will give you a more aggressive sharpening experience while using the Fine or Extra Fine will give you a mirror finish while taking away less material. Compact Size The compact, light-weight machine features an integrated handle making it easy to move when not in use. Micro Adjustment Micro Adjust with acme thread and a scale for precise setting of the edge angle and cutting depth. This will allow you to dial in and get ultimate sharpening precision. Integrated Sleeves in Zinc With the zinc cast top, the motor and main shaft are secure and protected. The sleeves for the Universal Support are integrated in the zinc top making the Tormek T-4 Original more durable than ever. Horizontal Support Easily switch the Universal Support Bar from the vertical sleeves to the horizontal sleeves.