Yellowhammer 5 Piece Mini Lathe Chisel Set


Excellent for Detail Work on Your Mini Lathe.

Features High Speed Steel Blades, Brass Ferrules and Beech Handles

WHAT’S INCLUDED: One Each of Yellowhammer’s 1/4” Roughing Gouge, 1/8” Spindle Gouge, 1/4” Round Nose Scraper, 1/4” Parting Tool and 1/4" Skew Chisel

USES: Ideal for Pen Turning and other small detail work on your lathe.

HSS BLADES: High Speed Steel Blades outlast your standard carbon blades 6 to 1.

ERGONOMIC BEECH HANDLES offer improved grip and control allowing you to cut aggressively without vibration. Yellowhammer's 5 Piece Mini Turning Tool Set is a budget-friendly alternative for turners of all skill levels.